Thursday, May 2, 2013

Will Gandhigiri work with Bullies?

I was shocked to hear in the documentary “Partition: The Day India Burned” that British left India because it was economically in a very bad condition after the World War II. But as Kids we were taught in school that India got independence because of Gandhi’s Nonviolence movement or Quit India movement. But 99.99% of the Indians today do not know the truth. 

Why did British really leave India? 
The answer is, it is because of several other reasons other than the Nonviolence or Quit India or Satyagraha.  If you search around the net for the reason why India got it independence, you will get the actual factors. 

These thoughts came to me after I read latest post in Francois Gautier’s blog article “HINDI-CHINI BYE-BYE” which has the following Lines

One should be realistic and learn from Swami Rama Thirtha, a great sage of the beginning of the century :”The policy of appeasement is never successful. It increases the demands of the bully and encourages his unreasonableness. He will never listen to you. On the contrary, he will further insult you, by heaping imaginary allegations on you and finding baseless aberrations”.

My current worry is
Will Indian government take a strong stand and fight Chinese incursion or will it continue to appease Chinese asking them when will you go back? Or when will you end your Ladakh camping trip? Also please do not throw plastics!!!

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