Thursday, August 6, 2009

B.C. woman remembers Hiroshima

Eighty-eight-year old Linda Yasuko Morikouchi at her home in East Vancouver. Morikouchi, who still teaches Japanese, was headed back to Hiroshima from Manchuria when some Japanese soldiers told her about the dropping of nuclear bombs.

do not miss the last line.....

Words of wisdom

Some words of wisdom to be read once a while:

ಎಂತಾ ಕಾಲ ಬಂತು ಗುರು

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Auto gala hinde bardiro lines !!!

The following are some of the interesting lines contributed by various people in the orkut community ganchali bidu kannada maataadu.

• athi vega...thithi bega....
• no a/c only hand signal !!!
• Avalu nakalu naan Sothe
Avalu Sikalu naan Sathe...
• silent aagidre seena tele ketre GUNNA
• Auto hindhe hodru hogene..
hudugi hindhe hodru hogene.....
nanna ninna naduve antaravirali.
• love sikidrey success story ella andrey crime story
• aaga thirugi nodi nakkalu
eega mane tumba makkalu
• Yella ok.. auto ghe 3 chakra yake?