Thursday, September 24, 2009

One of the recent nonsense

Some of our politicians have been tirelessly busy to do something new to get publicity. Rahul Gandhi was recently found doing one of that stuff. What makes these people think that we are still illiterates?
These tactics worked will for his ancestors because literacy rate in our country was very less. No we are proud to say that our literacy rate has come up to 75.85% male and 54.16% female from 27.16% male and 8.86% female at 1951.
Opposition parties again started barking for the similar action by Rahul Gandhi’s followers. I am a fan of Lalu for his statements like this
Well I say, People read whatever the media highlights, I see it funny to see so many debates happening over this silly issue. Even I shouldn’t have wasted this space in my blog over the stupid act, but couldn’t resist: P.
But do read this article which really makes scence :