Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lets promote and implement Rain water harvesting

Was listening to FM 106.4 Gyan Vani in radio today. I was stunned to know the following facts.

1. Out of the the total available water on earth, only 1% is pure and we are using.
2. We are using ground water (Wells and bore wells) 10 times more than the actual amount which it should be used.
3. After Rajastan, Karnataka is the second state which has highest amount of dry land in India. There is too much of scarcity for water in Most of the parts of Karnataka (esp. Northern parts.) People pay Rs.10 for one can of water.
4. We will be running out of river water as well as ground water from wells and bore wells in few years.
5. No company in India sells Mineral water. They are just selling Drinking water. It cannot be termed Mineral water. If any company is selling water under the name of Mineral water, it is a crime. And they mentioned that actual Mineral water will cost Rs.40 per liter.
6. According to Indian constitution drinking its a fundamental right to have drinking water. It is the duty of every government to provide drinking water. http://www.righttowater.info/pdfs/india_cs.pdf So selling of bottled drinking water should be banned. Water is the essence of life. Hence, any denial of water implies a denial of right to life. The right to water is not enshrined in the Indian Constitution as an explicit Fundamental Right but the Indian Judiciary, both at the state as well as at the center, has in several judgments interpreted Article 21 of the Constitution to include a right to clean and sufficient water, a right to a decent life, a right to live with dignity, and a right to a humane and healthy environment which would certainly imply a right to water.