Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How to buy Mutual Funds online directly

With more and more awareness among people about Mutual funds, the next question comes to mind is, How to invest in Mutual funds, There are many ways you can do it, One of them is MF utilities.

 1. Go here and fill forms 
                   ->You will get a mail (mostly in gmail spam) with a link to upload documents

2. Take a Pic of PAN card, cancelled Cheque and Address proof document (like DL) and upload in the link you get in your mail

3. You will get a CAN allotment number in couple of days

4. After getting CAN number, send a email to and request for online ID and password
          -> You will get an ID password in 2-3 days

5. After getting ID and password you can use or their android app for transactions.

 Following video illustrates how to transact in MF Utilities.
* Mutual fund investments are subjected to Markets risks, Invest in Debt Mutual funds when market is up !!!

All the best for your investments.