Saturday, May 8, 2010

Clear message?

Kasab verdict a clear message to Pak-based terror outfits: Antony

Soon after the death sentence of Kasab our defence minister AK Antony said, "It has been proved by this judgment that under the present law itself, if there is a will, we can take stern action...We can send a proper message to all those criminals and terrorists,''

Its really surprising to see such a message from the Defense Minister,... I don't understand What is the message going out to the people who are mentally prepared and have decided to die for their so called cause. Dying by gunshot or getting hanged after months of court trail and days in Jail makes no difference to them.

The minister says we can take stern action? what is the stern action sir?? he is stating that "We can take stern action...." I don't get what is that stern action? Do you think getting a death sentence from court after 17 months is a stern action?

On the other side Home minister Chidambaram is proud of the system since Kasab was convicted in a normal court of law.

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