Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog going public :p

Well After 2 posts i am declaring this blog in public :p.

PS: I am not a celebrity or any famous creature. This is JUST ANOTHER BLOG over the internet

Welcome to my blog. I started bloging because of the following reasons:
1. Blog is some place in the web where public can read about u even if u aren't famous.

2. Every one around has a blog these days

3. Some place where u can yell whatever u can and no body stops you (unless it is illegal, defamatory, false, copyrighted...)

4. Where u can make a point even if ur voice is low.

5. I find a lot of blogs in the net where people just have "flowery language"(what every one who grow up in a metro have) and full of non sense, well let me also try blogging with some sense atleast.

6. There is this free internet which my company provides [:D]
Well thats all for now. keep commenting


jaggu said...

WellCome Dude...

GoAhead. Get It

Kishan said...

get what??